Thursday, 29 July 2010

I think I've just died... and gone to shoe heaven

Quick update whilst I'm in The Netherlands, having a good time, went to see some friends and fam while enjoying the lovely weather.
I have an obsession with boots, I absolutely adore them and always find myself buying way too many pairs of boots.
Just looking at these bad boys makes me want to cry... I want them all, so mum and dad... please? pretty please? no? Fine, I'll find a way to make these babies mine.

xxx Nadine

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Socks in wedges

here is an outfit I wore a couple of days ago, I'm currently inlove with my new wedges, they're from topshop (I bought them off a friend from work cause they didnt fit her that well!) I really wanted them for ages but they were sold out, so I got very lucky!

Have you heard Katy Perry's new song?

Nadine xxx

Monday, 26 July 2010

All that Jazz

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So first post on my new blog... I'm not that great with blogging, but hopefully I'll get used to it!
a couple of days ago one of my closest friends came to visit me (she lives in London). We had a great day, though at one point we were stuck in a thunder storm while waiting for the bus! Not so fun!
I recentely bought these awesome fringe shorts from primark, I think they will be an item I will be wearing throughout the autumn/winter season!
(I will do an update on this post once I find all the pictures, which currently are no where to be found on my computer, so here two pictures of my post on EFG)

xxx, Nadine

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