Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Video of me singing

Hey all! How have you all been? Right, this needs to be a quick post as I need to get ready for work ASAP, haha.

I did a cover of Beyonce's new song 'Best Thing I Never Had' the other day with my friend Michelle and would like your opinions?
its not the best, but its something haha (the mic wasn't working properly, my timing isn't very good and I look a bit like a ghost haha.)

Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think?

Lots of love, Nadine xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Best friend's 18th

Hey everyone, sorry about the absence,I have been buuuusy and quite frankly, haven't really 'bothered' with blogging, which I am sorry about. I have a few posts lined up, so thats all going to change (cough cough, I know I say this every time, haha)

best friends 18th
One of my best friends, Naomi Cherry, turned 18, days before we went on holiday. (9 of us girls went to Zante, which was lovely. I will dedicate the next post to our holiday stories and photos:) ) We had a few pre drinks at her house before we all went to a club in London, Amika. It wasn't a great night for me, as I twisted my ankle really badly, before we even got there, haha. I had to sit down for most of the night and out of boredom I started rapping Busta's bit in Look At Me Now to the people looking after me, haha, oh dear.

Birthday girl!

Special Champagne, 18 years old!

Our other (best)friend, Christie and I made this cake for her, its an actual picture of her in her van (yes; she drives a Van)
We found it hilarious.

Hope you all have a loooooooovely evening!

Nadine xx


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