Monday, 17 September 2012

This week's outfit-inspiration

Hey guys, 

hope you are all well! SO I finally found my camera again, didn't realise my dad took it to take pictures of his paintings and he completely forgot he had it, haha! So once I'm back in London, I might start doing outfit posts again... thoughts? 
Here's just a little inspiration post, hope you all like! 

Dont forget to follow me on Twitter @Nadine_Belle and Instagram @Nadinebelle

Dont forget to follow me on Twitter @Nadine_Belle and Instagram @Nadinebelle

Muchos love, Nadine xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What I'd buy, if I still had my discount...

Hello world,

Its been a while, I know, a lot has happened, you can keep reading, or just skip to the wish list. 

Basically, remember last post, when I said I was ill and had a chest infection? Well guess what.. IT STILL HASNT CLEARED!!! I'm on another course of antibiotics, overworked my body then passed out (also due to dehydration) in the middle of the station in London, now back home with the parents while I 'rest' and its driving me crazy!!
 I want to be better, be working, rehearsing, hitting the gym and start dancing again. But I HAVE to be 'resting' (so tempted to go out for a run, everyday). So I'm going to try to do a post a day, which should be alright as I am bursting with inspirtation and things to share with you guys!

Also... I've picked up the guitar... yes, I have so much more to learn and really have been hit with inspiration-Cupid as I am writing everyday. guess its a good thing then, eh?!

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Topshop and Miss Selfridge wish list

There was a time where I would shop, and shop, and shop.... and my money seemed to be endless? (also working in topshop with a good discount seemed to have helped) but now since I've moved out of my parents home and into the big city, I have literally, no money. Since I've been introduced with rent, real bills, transportation costs etc. I seem to have no money left to eat, let alone shop! Hopefully this will all change once I'm settled in with regular income, but I moved for one reason and that is to pursue a career in music. If that means I can't shop like I used to, then I won't shop like I used to. Always put your dreams and yourself first!

But I picked out a couple of things I would get if I had the money, just to keep things interested for you guys...

All TOPSHOP and last two from Miss Selfridge

If anyone wants to donate any clothes to me... my address is: ....
Ha... I wish, but OK! What is your favourite item from this list?

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Lots of love, Nadine xxx

Monday, 6 August 2012


Hey guys, 

how are you all? I've been ill for the past 3 weeks, I went to the doctors in the first week, as I'm not registered with a GP in London, I went to the NHS and they did NOTHING! The doctor said I just had a 'cough' even though I kept saying that I felt very poorly and was coughing up thick green stuff (which is a HUGE sign of an infection!). So I went to a private doctor a few days ago and turns out I do have an infections so I'm on antibiotics. Its very frustrating as I've missed out on 3 weeks work and rehearsals/recordings! ANYWAY


Most of you with a smartphone will probably have instagram! I will do a 'my week in photos' regularly and this will be the first post! If you are on instagram, feel free to follow me @Nadinebelle I'm looking to follow new people with similar interests anyway!

 free snog!

 vain photos when bored haha

 sparkly nails!

 Trying some things on in Zara!

 Red pointy/round nails!

 another boredom photo

Made a DELICIOUS grilled chicken salad, yep I'm one of those people who posts photos of their food.

Glitter nail polishes!

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Friday, 3 August 2012


Hey everyone! After having my blog email address AND BLOG hacked, I finally got it back! 
I realised when I went back home that I was still logged on my dad's laptop, so he helped me change my password! 

Important information: to contact me now please email me at nadinebej92 'at' hotmail 'dot' com for the time being, I will set up a new email address soon. 

Some of you might have noticed someone posting a horrible message a few weeks back, I managed to remove it after noticing it, please note that this wasn't me and I was hacked.

Anyway.. here are some inspiration photos, no specific theme, just a little bit of everything!

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twitter @nadine_belle 
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Follow me on 
twitter @nadine_belle 
instagram @nadinebelle



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