Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Hey guys, how are you all? Have you got much planned for this week/weekend coming?
Are any of you on twitter? If so add me! @Nadine_Belle !
As a few of you will have noticed (got some comments/emails) asking me why I've stopped doing outfit posts (last one was last year I think?!) Its because my camera (the one I use for my outfits, don't like using phone photos) isn't working at the moment and I have no one to take them right now anyway, haha!
I will get it fixed asap though so can start posting them regularly again! Anyway, here are some photos from my previous outfit posts, I promise I'll get this sorted out asap! I have so many new clothes to show you all hahaha.

I might do another one if you guys like it?

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xxx Nadine

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Just a bit of inspiration

Some great detail photos that caught my eye, enjoy.

(click on the photo for sources, couldn't find a source for picture 3*)

Love, Nadine xx


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