Friday, 3 August 2012


Hey everyone! After having my blog email address AND BLOG hacked, I finally got it back! 
I realised when I went back home that I was still logged on my dad's laptop, so he helped me change my password! 

Important information: to contact me now please email me at nadinebej92 'at' hotmail 'dot' com for the time being, I will set up a new email address soon. 

Some of you might have noticed someone posting a horrible message a few weeks back, I managed to remove it after noticing it, please note that this wasn't me and I was hacked.

Anyway.. here are some inspiration photos, no specific theme, just a little bit of everything!

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twitter @nadine_belle 
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Follow me on 
twitter @nadine_belle 
instagram @nadinebelle


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  1. Great pictures, sorry to hear you were hacked that must have been awful :S


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