Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My old looks

I was just looking at my old blog and going through the pictures and thought you might enjoy them! These are from over a year back, some of the stuff I'd still wear and some things, well, WHAT was I thinking!! (one word: jeggings...)

This is still my favorite cardigan, its Topshop last year's winter stock, but I've seen that H&M is doing an exact copy this year if you want to get your hands on those bad boys!

Out of all my 'old looks', this must be my favorite. I always like the denim and floral combo!

This is horrible, someone should have slapped me before I left the house looking like this!

This was my first outfit post ever I think? The boots are still my favorite! But very, very worn out....

Which one's your favorite and which one is your least favorite?
Also how different is your style now to last year's?

Also I've got a very exciting update later on this week, cant wait to post it!

Much love, Nadine xx


  1. you always look gorgeous missy! and i want to know your update ;) xx

  2. Ahh zo leuk! Is dat alweer een jaar geleden ja? Ik weet dat nog ja dat jij begon met bloggen en die foto's toen vroeg jij mij geloof ik nog iets over hoe je plaatjes groter kon ofzo ik weet niet meer! Maar die met die zwarte schoenen is echt niet lelijk hoor. Maar je stijl is gewoon veranderd maar ik vond ze beiden mooi!

  3. Ik vind ze allemaal leuk, vooral de laatste! En ik draag heel vaak jeggings haha, vooral in spijkervorm! ;)

  4. Grappig altijd om 'oude' foto's te kijken.
    Ik vind vooral je outfit met bloemen en denim erg leuk!

  5. Haha altijd zo leuk om te bekijken haha :p Ik vond je outfit met de denimblouse en bloemetjes erg leuk! En verder vind ik je outfit met de 'jeggings' helemaal niet zo er hoor, behalve dat ik het woord 'jeggings' echt een af-schuw-e-lijk woord vind! Bleuughh :p


  6. Such a funny post! Oh my god! You're so bad with yourself! :p You don't look as bad as you say!


  7. first one is awesome (:


    come by sometime?

  8. Je outfit met de floral print playsuit(want dat is het toch? kan het niet zo goed zien haha) en denim blouse vind ik het gaafst!

  9. Just wondering...did you recently open an account on teenspot and begin posting pics? If not, someone is posting your pics on there and claiming to be you.

  10. Thanks for the sweet comments guys! Sorry for the lack of posts, I promise that once I have my new laptop sorted out I will post very often!
    @: enrique3882, yeah thats me haha. I always go on this dutch forum called ellegirl forum, I thought I'd try out some other ones too, but thanks for letting me know in case it was somebody else using my pictures and name! xxx

  11. they're all cute, but I would totally still wear the floral look with the denim shirt!


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