Thursday, 24 February 2011

my birthday+ friend's 18th

Hey guys, so I was meant to upload these photos a week ago but forgot about them haha.
These are all snaps of me and my friend's birthday outing in town, we all had a great night, it was quite crazy, but definitely one of the best in a while, haha!
(really funny, in the pictures all my friends are dressed in white apart from me haha! Funny coincidence)

from left to right, best friend Christie, me, Dott(birthday girl, she turned 18 woo!) and Chloe

Birthday girls

I went out two nights after with my single friends to celebrate the crappy Valentines day... great night that was! (though the day after wasnt so nice, I got very ill for ages, still recovering...)

Outfit posts coming sooon, sorry I've been at work and in bed all the time, but hopefully tomorrow when the sun is shining I will take some photos....

Have a great night everyone, lots of laaaave, Nadine xx


  1. You look beautiful as always, your friends looks lovely too!xx

  2. you guys are all super pretty ! i'm loving all the outfits :) xo

  3. looks like some great fun!

    luvs, Nene

  4. hope you had an amazing time! and great blog:))

  5. Gaaf dat je naar de States gaat. Heb twee zomers daar rondgetrokken en het was echt super. Echt reizen om nooit te vergeten.X

  6. Looks like you guys had a fab time and I love your outfit, the rose print is gorgeous xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  7. Such gorgeous pictures. You all look so great!


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