Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New hair

Hey guys, how have you all been? I helped one of my friends out today with her photography, she used me for a shoot, when I get the photos I will show you guys! I have also dyed my hair darker, ITS GONE COMPLETELY WRONG- but I do like it ahah. I was getting ridiculous roots and it was just looking ugly so I thought, I'll just throw a darker colour over it, LITTLE DID I KNOW I needed 2 packs of hair dye instead one just one, so the bottom of my hair is almost black and the top is brown, but hey, accidental ombre style?
I won't dye it again for a while though, I've tortured my hair enough for the next few weeks/months.

I have also been very against hair extensions for as long as I remember, but when I tried on my friends hair extensions which are ridiculously long (and beautiful and thick and amazing) I got converted in an instant. Guess what I shall be purchasing next payday? My friend took some photos so I will show you guys once she sends me them!

Also who watches 90210? isn't it AMAZING! A friend from work lend me season 1 and 2 on DVD and I've almost finished a whole season in just under a week, ITS AMAZING!! I advice you all to get into it. If I could give you just one reason it would be


Seriously, it should be illegal for someone as hot as him to walk this planet ahaha.

ok that was my rant for the day, not a proper post, but hey.




take care, little lambs xxxx


  1. I love your hair so much!<3

  2. Love it!:)

  3. i LOVEEE 90210!! Liam is lovely :) your hair looks nice too! xx

  4. Liam is beautiful and very hot ! :D
    I watched every season and I wait on 19.04 because is a new episode :) xoxo

  5. je haarkleur is mooi nadine!! Donker haar staat je goed ;)

    Travel In Style

  6. Liam = OMNOMNOMNOM <3 Gotta love a bit of 90210.
    I used to have hair extensions but I dye my hair so much that I can never seem to get them the same shade as my hair any more :(

    Rhiannon xx

  7. sometimes hair accidents turns out fantastic, hahah! and yeah I have a HUUUUUUGEEEE crush on Liam myself! haha sooo hottt <3 i love 90210!

  8. I love 90210, you should watch it online as well. I like your hair too :). By the way thanks for the comment on my blog ,although I had to translate it.

  9. oh wow!! i love your hair!! i wish mine was so full and wavey curly like yours!!


  10. Oh ik vind jouw haar wel heel leuk nu hoor! Ik herinner me dat je je haren een tijdje geleden rood wou verven en dat het er een beetje rossig uitkwam, maar ook dat vond ik heel mooi! Lucky you, mijn haarverf-accidentjes kwamen er vroeger nooit zo goed uit ;)

    Ik kijk 90210 trouwens, ofja, season 3 is nu gedaan dus wacht ik vol spanning tot 19 april wanneer er weer een nieuwe episode uitkomt!

  11. Wauw! Je haar is super mooi zo!

  12. aw you're so stylish girl!! so glad I found your blog! :) now am following you on here and blog lovin'. and looving your new hair girly! very pretty :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  13. I like it but it looked good before too :) x


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