Monday, 23 April 2012


I have so many exciting things to share with you guys... so much has happened, to start with, its official; I'm moving in with the GIRLBAND girls in 4 weeks! 
We have our own lovely place (I have some preview photos!) in South London, almost very central! I have very much to share with you, first I'll start of with two photos of our new place, one of our kitchen and one of our living room (proper photos will come once we've all settled in, haha)
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The kitchen! 

The living room! (not ready yet, but check out our cute sweet bowl on the table!)

Now who wants to come and visit and keep me company while I have no friends in London (and currently no job)?

xxxxxxx Nadine


  1. Wow it looks so lovely!

    Goodluck in your new home!

    Take a peak at my blog<3

    Project Rattlebag


  2. Hello! I came to your blog, because your profile photo intrigued me. And now I see that not only one photo is cool! So, I'm glad I found you because your blog is awesome! Good job and please keep posting, because you do it great, and I start following and will visit you with pleasure!

    xx nik

  3. just found your blog after hoping around its great! that apartment looks amazing so jealous i love london x

  4. beautiful post!!i'm following your blog!!if you like mine,do the same!!!

    Freaky Friday

    Freaky Friday Facebook Fan Page

  5. Aaah, ziet er super gezellig uit!

  6. Hii Nadine!

    I just read about your new home! This home looks very nice! We checked out your blog, and we like it! We will start to follow! We would love for you to follow us back! (Sorry if our english issn't that good) We will come back! Love your shoes by the way! Much love!

  7. It looks like such a nice place! Sounds very exciting. I lived in London for a while last year...such a fun place to live :)


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