Monday, 29 November 2010

life is like a box of chocolate; you never know what youre gonna get

Firstly I would like to WELCOME all my lovely new followers, having over 150 followers in just a few months is amazing! Thank you!! I love reading the comments from my lovely readers, I always try to comment back as soon as I can!
also I want to thank Inna from The little Big Spender for choosing me to be her Girl Of The Week! Check out the interview here :)
I've been tagged to do a post on 10 things I love, which I will be posting this week!
Thank you all for the support and just for being so lovely!

you know one of those days where you don't really care about anything and all you want to do is pile up the chocolate and watch a chick flick in your cosy duvet.

It is getting SO cold! I am really NOT enjoying this weather! Lately I have been having crazy cravings for sweet things, especially chocolate.

Here are some inspiration pictures (all photo credits go to, mostly because I literally save every single photo of her blog in my inspiration folder. She's fab.

doing this post has made me very hungry, so as soon as I publish this post I will go on a trip to Asda to stock up on lots of sweet things, and ofcourse, including lots and lots of chocolate.

xxx Nadine


  1. Oh gosh, this all looks so yummy!

  2. Ah you are making me crave for Ben and Jerrys! I have just found your blog and absolutely love your style. You have amazing outfits.
    The weather in the UK is freezing at the moment, especially in the North-West and people seem to panic when there is a bit of snow.


  3. you shouldn't take a look on your blog if you're hungry =D

    xoxo Alanah

  4. Oooooooo I so want chocolate now! YUM! Looking forward to reading your 10 things x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  5. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they've done something to her legs :|
    Still, thank you so much for your lovely comment :)
    That chocolate looks incredibly delicious, I need some right now!

  6. Haha, net toen ik je post las was ik een broodje met chocolade vlokken aan het eten.
    En wat een geweldige foto's :)

  7. Omg...that chocolate is gorgeous. Congrats on all of your followers!

  8. im super hungry after looking at this post now.. the whip cream on top of the starbucks drinks looks heavenly..

    glisters and blisters

  9. Bedankt voor je reactie!
    &Haha ja ik was echt zóóó blij,
    was de hele tijd aan het gillen en zingen haha, m'n broertje werd helemaal gek XD

    Oehw ik heb net gegeten, dacht dat ik wel vol zat, maar nu ik dit zo zie... ^^'

  10. Oh my gosh craving chocolate soo badly :)

  11. omg, this look so delicious...I love chocolate.xx

  12. Oh my gosh! give me all of them! Chocolate is the best!

    oh, net gezien dat je nederlands spreekt, awesome (en handig :D)

    x Je suis Sophie

  13. Yum Yum Yum amazing pics !

  14. Dat ziet er echt super lekker uitt


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